Research Topic: Spatiality and temporality on the road in European cinema


Seb is a first-year PhD student from London. He obtained a B.A. in English from Princeton University in the United States from 2016-2020, with a certificate in Visual Arts, before moving on to Cambridge and the MPhil in Film and Screen Studies from 2020-2021. For his Master’s thesis he wrote on non-urban spaces in film noir, a genre that he had written about for his undergraduate dissertation. Seb’s main points of interest focus around genre theory and application, as well as space, temporality and movement in American and European film.


Seb is currently researching the historical and symbolic significance of European roadways and temporal and spatial manifestations of road journeys and generalized mobility in European cinema from the late 1960s, incorporating Bergsonian and Deleuzian theory while also drawing on Bakhtin’s conception of the chronotope.


Earl R. Miner Thesis Prize (Princeton University, 2020)

Lucas Award for the Arts (Princeton University, 2020)

Other activities and roles

Current Vice President of the Cambridge Men’s Rowing Team (CUBC); rowed in The Boat Race in 2021.

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