Name: Harrison Whitaker

College: Darwin

Supervisor: Dr Joseph Bitney


Harrison Whitaker is a second-year PhD candidate at Cambridge Film and Screen. He holds a BA in English & American Literature from New York University and an MA in English & Comparative Literature from Columbia University. His interests include gender, counterculture, and critical theory as they relate to American cinema.


Harrison’s doctoral research focuses on evolving representations of labor and masculinity in New Hollywood, with a particular focus on character types. By tracking the evolution of figures like the Hustler and the Union Man in American media, art, literature, and popular culture, he is outlining the key ideological moves that distinguish New Hollywood from its classical counterpart.


Harrison is a supervisor and seminar leader for CS6: European Film. He is a supervisor for Part II Paper 18: Visual Culture.

Seminar and Conference Papers

“The Hustler as Worker: Labor and Alienation in New Hollywood,” International PhD Seminar, Roosevelt Institute for American Studies (RIAS), Middelburg, 7-9 December 2022


Bunner Award for Best M.A. Essay on American Literature (2020)

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