Postdoctoral Affiliation

Postgraduates who have recently completed their PhD can apply for access to the title and status of Postdoctoral Affiliate. The scheme aims to offer a structure of support and a continuing link to the Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics for these students following graduation, which is often a period of transition and uncertainty.

Any PhD student submitting their PhD thesis within their 4-year registration period (or 7-year period for part-time students), excluding periods of intermission, may apply for a 12-month affiliation to the Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics.  The period of 12 months begins on the official date of the PhD degree approval.  The status of Postdoctoral Affiliate allows for continued access to University computing and library services, plus extended use of the Postgraduate Centre space, for continuing research.  Unfortunately, the Faculty is not in a position to be able to offer a designated desk-space.

Further to the above, the status includes an entitlement to be listed as a Postdoctoral Affiliate on the Cambridge Film and Screen website, and permission to use the title on their CV and letterhead. This can give significant leverage in the process of applying for jobs, postdoctoral awards and research funding schemes.

The title of Postdoctoral Affiliate is an informal designation and is without remuneration. However, in recognition of its value and as a measure of its significance as an attachment to the Faculty, it is hoped that affiliates will be available to assist with our teaching needs where required, especially undergraduate supervision (i.e. to be Cambridge-based).  If teaching or supervision is to be provided, then this will be on a paid basis.

The Postgraduate Office must be informed immediately if an offer of employment is taken up elsewhere within the 12 month affiliation period, and at this point the title of ‘Postdoctoral Affiliate’ ceases.

Please note: The titles of ‘Postdoctoral Affiliate’ and ‘Affiliated Lecturer’ should not be confused.  A separate arrangement exists for the appointment of ‘Affiliated Lecturers’ by the Faculty Board. Nominations are made by the Director of Cambridge Film and Screen: this is a scheme applicable to those who have been invited to contribute substantially to our teaching programme by giving courses of lectures or other significant contributions to our teaching programmes. Only those appointed to be an Affiliated Lecturer by the Faculty Board may use this title.

Students must have received their official PhD degree approval email from the Student Registry to be eligible to apply for this scheme.  This means that the viva and any corrections/revisions must have been completed successfully; also the hardbound and e-copy of the thesis must have been submitted according to the usual requirements.

To make an application, postgraduates should email the following documents to, for consideration by the Faculty.

  • CV
  • covering letter addressed to the MMLL Director of Postgraduate Studies (including an indication of location, plans for research and availability for teaching during the 12-month period)
  • a short letter of support from the student’s PhD supervisor

Those who require a visa should follow advice from the International Students Office on applying for the Graduate Visa which is the appropriate visa route.

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