Name Research Topic
Peter Adams Selective Silence: Analysing the use of diegetic and non-diegetic silence as an aesthetic tool in contemporary media
Lawrence Alexander ‘Face Value’ in the Moving Image Practices of Harun Farocki, Hito Steyerl, and William Kentridge
Toby Ashworth Geology in documentary moving images
Kris Beaghton The cinema and media work of Barbara Hammer
Sebastian Benzecry Spatiality and temporality on the road in European cinema
Augustin Denis The Alchemy of Film: The transformational and combinatorial politics of film’s processual motions.
Chunyan (Rebecca) Fu Representing Spectrality: Time, Memory and Experience in Moving Image Installations
Alexandra Grieve Refashioning Difference: Gender and Materiality in Afro-diasporic cinema
Jonathan Harris Plasticators: New materials in mid-century experimental filmmaking
Christine Jakobson Camera Mortis: Aesthetics, Ethics & Technology
Geiste Marija Kincinaityte Investigating the Corporeal in Artists’ Films and Moving Image Installations
Jeong Yeon Lee Contemporary moving image installation, projection, curation
Matteo Mastrandrea The Architectonics of Television
Carleigh Morgan Cinema Through Code: Automation, Digitisation, and the Material Life of the Moving Image
Hannah Parlett This Woman’s Work: Motherhood, Domestic Labour and Social Realism
Javier Pérez-Osorio New representations of queerness in recent Latin American Cinema
Lili Pickett-Palmer Exploring Relationality and Intimacy Through Formal Analysis in Contemporary European Trans-film
Pavel Stepanov Modernity on Screen: Cultural Import into Soviet Cinema (1923 – 1929)
Karim Townsend Ecological relationality and the Anthropocene in contemporary film and television: politics, neoliberalism, community
Harrison Whitaker Labor, Types, and Gender in New Hollywood
Evelyn Whorrall-Campbell clothing | images | chemicals: covering the queer/butch/trans body (towards a trans | masc | aesthetics)


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