Heather Inwood specialises in contemporary Chinese (including Hong Kong and Taiwanese) cultural studies, focusing on interactions between digital media, literature, and popular culture in the early twenty-first century. Her book, Verse Going Viral: China’s New Media Scenes (University of Washington Press, 2014), examines what has happened to modern Chinese poetry in the era of the internet and the cultural economy, including its subjection to mass viral spoofing events. Her second book, Netfic: China’s Other World Literature, will be on Chinese internet fiction and its surrounding media ecology. Her research articles and book chapters also deal with digital dystopianism, intermediality, ecocritical video games, the undead in Hong Kong popular narratives, and forms of spatial imagination in online science fiction.

Heather is Associate Professor of modern Chinese literature and culture in the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies (AMES) and a Fellow of Trinity Hall. She has supervised PhD and MPhil students on various China-specific topics including Reform Era comics, queer cultures, screen-based adaptations of war narratives, fandom and gender in online novels, identity in Hong Kong cinema, censorship and transmedia storytelling, and regionality and masculinity in popular culture and media.

You can visit her Faculty profile here: https://www.ames.cam.ac.uk/people/dr-heather-inwood


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