Joanna Page is a Professor of Latin American Studies and the Director of CRASSH (the University’s Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities). Her research interests are generally connected to the relationship between science and culture in Latin America, but she has also worked on questions of memory, modernity, capitalism, posthumanism, new materialism, decoloniality, ecology, and environmental thought. Among other books on literature, graphic fiction, and the visual arts, she is the author of Crisis and Capitalism in Contemporary Argentine Cinema (2009) and Science Fiction in Argentina (2017), and the co-editor of Visual Synergies in Latin American Film from Latin America (2009)Research interests related specifically to film include contemporary Argentine and Chilean cinema, memory and representations of dictatorship, documentary, modernity and temporality, reflexivity, and science fiction. She also has a keen interest in critical and cultural theories relevant to the study of cinema, including those developed by Deleuze, Latour, and Braidotti, and within technology and new media studies.

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