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Martin A. Ruehl is a Lecturer in the German Department and a Fellow of Trinity Hall. He has been teaching the history of Weimar and Nazi cinema for more than ten years. As a member of the History Faculty, he has lectured on the filmic representations of fascism in post-war Italy and Germany, with a particular focus on Neorealism and the New German Cinema.  His CS6 (European Cinema) module “War, Propaganda, Memory” examines newsreels from the Third Reich, documentaries by Istituto Luce, the Spanish propaganda film “Raza”, written by Franco himself, Rossellini’s so-called War Trilogy and several German “Rubble Films” (Trümmerfilme) of the late 1940s. For the MPhil in Film and Screen Studies, he regularly runs the Core Course seminar on Fascist Cinema, which concentrates on the work of Leni Riefenstahl: Sieg des Glaubens (1933), Triumph des Willens (1935), and Olympia (1938).  He is co-editor, with Karolin Machtans, of Hitler – Films from Germany: History, Cinema and Politics since 1945 (2012), the first book-length study to critically investigate the recent wave of Hitler biopics in German cinema and television.

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